Measles and Rubella Global Strategic Plan 2012-2020 midterm review.

Friday, 12th of January 2018 Print

Vaccine. 2018 Jan 11;36 Suppl 1:A1-A34. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2017.09.026.

Measles and Rubella Global Strategic Plan 2012-2020 midterm review.

Orenstein WA1 Hinman A2 Nkowane B3 Olive JM4 Reingold A5.

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1. Measles eradication is the ultimate goal but it is premature to set a date for its accomplishment. Existing regional elimination goals should be vigorously pursued to enable setting a global target by 2020. 2. The basic strategic approaches articulated in the Global Measles and Rubella Strategic Plan 2012-2020 are valid to achieve the goals but have not been fully implemented (or not appropriately adapted to local situations). 3. The report recommends a shift from primary reliance on supplementary immunization activities (SIAs) to assure two doses of measles-containing vaccine (MCV) are delivered to the target population to primary reliance on ongoing services to assure administration of two doses of MCV. Regular high quality SIAs will still be necessary while ongoing services are being strengthened. 4. The report recommends a shift from primary reliance on coverage to measure progress to incorporating disease incidence as a major indicator. 5. The report recommends that the measles/rubella vaccination program be considered an indicator for the quality of the overall immunization program and that measles/rubella incidence and measles and rubella vaccination coverage be considered as primary indicators of immunization program performance. 6. Polio transition presents both risks and opportunities: risks should be minimized and opportunities maximized. 7. A school entry immunization check could contribute significantly to strengthening overall immunization services with assurance that recommended doses of measles and rubella vaccines as well as other vaccines have been delivered and providing those vaccines at that time if the child is un- or under-vaccinated. 8. Program decisions should increasingly be based on good quality data and appropriate analysis. 9. The incorporation of rubella vaccination into the immunization program needs to be accelerated - it should be accorded equivalent emphasis as measles. 10. Outbreak investigation and response are critical but the most important thing is to prevent outbreaks.


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