Current views and advances on Paediatric Virology: An update for paediatric trainees.

Thursday, 22nd of September 2016 Print

Exp Ther Med. 2016 Jan;11(1):6-14. Epub 2015 Nov 24.

Current views and advances on Paediatric Virology: An update for paediatric trainees.

Mammas IN1Greenough A2Theodoridou M3Kramvis A4Christaki I5Koutsaftiki C6Koutsaki M7,Portaliou DM8Kostagianni G9Panagopoulou P10Sourvinos G1Spandidos DA1.


Vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) versus autism

Autism is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder affecting the paediatric population (60). Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) include disorders, such as psychomotor regression, language impairment and behavioural social withdrawal, placing patients with ASD in permanent need for healthcare and social support (61). Earlier reports have associated vaccination against MMR with the occurrence of ASD in children (62), thus leading in particularly low vaccination coverage. As a result, outbreaks regarding the vaccine preventable strains have reappeared throughout Europe (6365), Asia (66,67) and the United States (68,69). Extensive research around the issue has emerged, soundly dissociating MMR vaccination from any ASD occurrence, even in high-risk populations (7072). However, the loss of credibility of the MMR vaccine remains a concern. This can be partially explained by failure on behalf of the scientific community to effectively communicate: i) the limitations and bias of the original study of Wakefield et al (62) in 1998, ii) the mounting evidence supporting the lack of a causal relationship between MMR vaccine receipt and autism onset, as proven by large epidemiological studies (7072) and iii) adverse effects of vaccination in the general setting of coincidental, rather than causal associations. Another contributing factor must be attributed to a powerful influence by the public media, such as television, newspapers and internet, regarding MMR vaccination, ultimately leading to a subsequent negative public health response. In the future, more effective communication strategies are required to reassure parents of vaccine safety and importance.


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