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 Except for breast feeding, which is free, measles vaccination is the most
 cost effective life saving intervention in the armamentarium of public health. All studies which have reviewed the evidence show that measles vaccination saves lives for well under $1000 per
 death averted.
 It is even more cost effective when, as in the year just ended, it becomes  the platform for other high impact interventions.

 Measles SIAs in 35 countries delivered the following:
 135 million vaccinated against measles
 Vitamin A: 39 mil doses
 De-worming: 19 mil doses
 MR vaccine: 17 mil doses
 OPV: 15 mil doses
 Bed nets: 6.8 mil
 TT: 1.9 mil doses
 Uniquely in the world, the Region of the Americas has achieved and
 sustained regional elimination. But the Americas are like the boy with his
 finger in the dike, making sure that it is not flooded with measles cases
 from other regions. How quickly will the other five WHO regions, three of
 which are already committed to regional elimination, achieve their regional
 objectives and pave the way for the world's next disease eradication?

Thanks to Ed Hoekstra and Peter Strebel for the above data, presented at the Global Measles Management Meeting held in Geneva in February 2008.

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